We are individuals and freethinkers, taking back the power to create and produce fashion with a soul.

FFi supports research, development, and education to bring the fashion industry into the 21st century

Open Source Community

The Fashion Freedom Initiative (FFi) is an open community of indie designers, forward thinking businesses, artisan producers, makers, crafters, hackers and doers. We are working together to build and run our own, independent chains for global fashion production.

What we do:

FFI is here to foster and support all forms of collaboration, that aims to open-up the fashion industry. Our vision is to make small batch and even bespoke clothing production into a viable, affordable, new norm.

Why are we doing this? Because it’s possible…

  • ...it’s possible to let individual creativity flourish and enjoy a new. vibrant diversity in our industry.

    We are harnessing technology to give indie designers, fashion graduates and even consumers the freedom to produce new and exciting clothing, without without watering down their ideas. No barriers to entry, no minimum production, taking fashion back to being somewhere where anything is possible.

  • ...it’s possible to bring back independent, local producers

    A vibrant communities of local producers for clothing, fabrics and accessories can reinvigorate both local industry and consumer choice. Free and open technologies now makes it possible to produce clothing locally, fairly and cost-effectively.

  • ...it’s possible for fashion to express style and individuality

    It’s about freedom, choice and creativity. But even when it has an App, choosing between a few limited colourways is not real expression, not real individuality.

    We are aiming to let people explore and customize new designs on accurate virtual models of any wearer. We are then enabling the cost-efficient production of small runs and single bespoke items - real custom production.

  • ...it’s possible to stop needlessly exploiting people and our planet

    Whatever the colour of your robes, preaching at people will never be the new black. No-one really wants clothing with a pious lecture on morality stitched into it. And yet no-one in the rag trade can really remain oblivious to the ills of the second most polluting industry on our planet.

    There is no real style, no beauty and nothing aspirational, in financing waste and landfill, through child labour, human misery and exploitation. And in an industry build on brand and identity, many of our icons have been hollowed-out by ugly, corporate greed.


#Seamly2D #pattern #patternmaking #backpack #myog

Designing a Backpack with Seamly2D

Published on June 5, 2020

Create a backback pattern with free & open source Seamly2D

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BONDANO: Friendly protection for you and your friends.

Published on April 30, 2020

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KIMOWNO: Kimono Gown, renamed for Earth Day!

Published on April 22, 2020

“Happiness is the highest form of health.” Dalai Lama Earth Day has inspired us to…

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COVID-19: Easy Wear Patient Gown pattern, Community call to action

Published on April 9, 2020

Protect yourself, family, and caregivers during the upcoming months of corona virus crisis. Create easy-to-sew…

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The Team

Sue Spencer

Director, Chair

Sue Spencer is a systems analyst, software developer, fashion technologist, and community builder.

Barry Threw

Director, Art + Tech

Barry Threw is a technologist, designer, strategist, and cultural producer with over fifteen years of…

Mario Behling

Director, Open source business models

Mario Behling. Serial Entrepreneur. Open Source advocate. Founder FOSSAsia.

Hugh Blemings

Advisor, Governance


Vicky Brasseur

Advisor, Conference applications and presentations

https://www.vmbrasseur.com/ VM (aka Vicky) spent most of her twenty-plus years in the tech industry leading…

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