Who benefits from Fashion’s Digital Transformation?

May 14, 2020 - 1 minute read

Will you benefit? If not you, then who will?

Image: Lewis Hine, Library of Congress

Fashion Industry norms are changing. Consumers demand sustainable fashion. They also want more creative choices. New fashion technology is being developed to meet these changes. We’d like to believe that these changes are beneficial to everyone from designers to workers to consumers. But history has shown that technology is never value-neutral. It has enormous affects on who we are as humans. It impacts our ability to support ourselves and can threaten our environment through unintended consequences.

We’ll have to ask some hard questions to determine if a new fashion technology will contribute to achieving positive change in the industry. These aren’t new questions for technology applications in general. They’re just new to the fashion industry. The fashion industry has historically considered itself accountable only for providing the products that consumers want, not for how they’re providing those products.

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